Mi patria son mis zapatos (2012)

Directed and performed by Florencia Guerberof


The ground is seen as a surface from where all things originate.
Movements sprout from the soil as a force of resistance in the face of disappearance.
The work reconsiders the shoe beyond its practical function where the object can adopt different

Empty shoes displayed on public demonstrations have been used as a means of commemorating
the dead. Through shoe-tossing the object becomes a vehicle for expressions against the oppression of a regime, war, torture, genocide.

The play touches upon rootlessness for which footwear is thought of as a permanent residence.
Essentially, the shoe is a sign for loss, memory and identity.

Direction & performance: Florencia Guerberof
Percussion: Elizabeth Nott
Voice Najib: Coutya
Lighting: Arata Mori & Maria Guerberof